A DOS-based GUI interface for enabling and disabling Ultra Low Power State on AMD graphics cards


The ULPS Configuration Utility is used to enable or disable ULPS, or ultra-low power state, for AMD/ATI graphics cards in CrossfireX. The program will go to a specific string in the registry and change the hexadecimal value of the EnableULPS key to either 0 or 1, depending on whether it is being enabled or disabled.

The program itself is a standalone DOS-based utility that does not require installation. You only have to download and run the utility as is.

The automated Enable ULPS and Disable ULPS applications are used to automatically enable or disable ULPS without prompting the user. After executing the application, the program will automatically change the registry and exit after a successful completion. Since there is no user interface, you must ensure that the program is being ran as an administrator in order to function properly.

Some important information:

You must run this program as an administrator in order for it to function properly. Changes to the registry require administrator privileges. Versions 1.1.4 and above will detect whether or not the program is being ran as an administrator and will prompt you to run it as an administrator if need be.

This program is not a virus! The program makes registry changes and many antivirus programs view that as a threat. It is a false positive. If you prefer, you may download the .bat or .txt version (rather than the .exe version), both of which are available in the Download section below.

Please note that this program was developed when the Radeon HD 5XXX series cards were the bomb, and I have therefore only used the program on 5XXX cards. This utility should work with newer models, but I have not personally tested that.

The program is written entirely in DOS.

Click here to read the code for v1.1.4.


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Downloads for all files are available via FTP. All below links direct to ftp.ulpsconfigurationutility.com/ulps.


ULPS Configuration Utility v1.1.4.exe

ULPS Configuration Utility v1.1.2.exe

ULPS Configuration Utility v1.1.0.exe

ULPS Configuration Utility v1.0.5.exe

ULPS Configuration Utility v1.0.4.exe


ULPS Configuration Utility v1.1.4.bat

ULPS Configuration Utility v1.1.4.txt


Enable ULPS.exe

Disable ULPS.exe



How do I manually enable or disable ULPS?

ULPS can be enabled/disabled by modifying the registry key:


by changing the value EnableUlps to 0 to disable, and 1 to enable. Depending on the number of unique driver versions that were present on your system, there may be multiple keys in the last folder. For example you may have 0001 and 0002 in addition to 0000.

How do I use the utility?

Enabling ULPS will scan the above registry directory for all the keys present, and will change the value of EnableUlps in all the keys to 1.

Disabling ULPS will scan the above registry directory for all the keys present, and will change the value of EnableUlps in all the keys to 0.

The ULPS key backup function will export the entire registry directory into a portable .reg file. You can merge it manually.

The ULPS key restore function merges the .reg file with the registry.

Is this utility a virus?

No. See the note in the Features section. Many antivirus programs have flagged my utility as a virus, and unfortunately, there is nothing I can do about that.

I don't believe you, this program must be a virus.

Then don't download it. Or review the code for yourself.


Error: ULPS registry key not found.

This error indicates one of two things: 1) You do not have AMD graphics drivers installed on your system, or 2) the EnableUlps key is missing from your system (for whatever reason). Add the value manually by using the step in Enabling/disabling ULPS. You may also receive this error if you do not have CrossfireX; disabling ULPS is only required in CFX configurations.

Error: The system was unable to find the specified registry key or value.

This is normal. The program will try to find extra keys in which EnableUlps may exist, and if it is not present it will complete the operation.

Error: Your ULPS key is present but its value is not 0 nor 1. Correct this by enabling or disabling ULPS.

Your ULPS key is supposed to return either 1 for enabled or 0 for disabled. In the rare event that it is neither of these values, use either disable or enable and it will correct the value from whatever it is to either 0 or 1.


I created this utility after getting frustrated that I had to edit registry key values every time I did an install of AMD Catalyst drivers. Hopefully it is a simple, straightforward way to change ULPS settings.

This website is a visual manifestation of my laziness and/or terrible web programming skills (take a look at the source code and see the messiness for yourself). The font used on this website is Open Sans, available under the Apache License, version 2.0.